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I create abstract, futuristic visuals which are inspired by mathematics and science. Above are a few frames from animations that I've created (arrow buttons on the images allow you to navigate through them). Visual content creation lead me to VJing at clubs and festivals across the US and Europe, installations, and A/V performances. Some notable work include: being in the film "Reformat The Planet", creating visuals for William Duckworth's iPod Opera, being a resident VJ at Pacha NYC (working with DJs such as Avicii, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha and many more), and creating visuals for official NYC pride events.

I use a variety of methods to create my visuals. Mostly: Blender, Pure Data, Processing as well as custom software I've written myself.

Video demos to come!

album art

Music has been a major part of my life. In the 1980's I worked for I & I Sound Records playing instruments, engineering, and mixing. After that I focused on family and computer programming work until 2012 when I worked with Mary Ann Benedetto on an Audio/Visual set "Drum and Space". Since then I've worked on a number of music projects and performed A/V sets. New releases are posted on my Bandcamp site. Sometimes I also post on Soundcloud.


Since a young age I've been drawn to art and music - however a course in formal logic formed my interest in advanced mathematics and I went on to major in Mathematics and Physics at UCSD. Though I was admitted to graduate school, I ended up leaving early. Web development was taking off and I decided to focus on html, cgi, databases and related areas. During this period I worked for many organizations including: Advanced Network & Services, CalSpace (with Sally Ride), Fordham University, ThinkQuest, United Nations Headquarters, University of California San Diego, University of the Pacific and more. More about programming and previous work can be found on my LinkedIn. I have also given numerous talks and workshops on topics of Web Development, Multimedia, and Open Source Software at places such as Yale University, NYU, Piksel festival (Bergan, Norway).

I am located in New York City and spend most of my time in New York and California. If you would like to get in touch, you can email me paris at parisgraphics dot com or you can connect with me on social media: instagram, twitter, linked in

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